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42. The woman takes the red

Polvere sindur
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Sindur: polvere di longevità conuigale
Ricetta per sindur naturale
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Sindur: polvere di longevità conuigale

A woman stands powerless in front of the last moments of her husband’s life. When his candle dims, the soul of her beloved leaves the body and the woman falls to her knees in blind desperation.
Suddenly the widow is surrounded by women that undress her from the hindu ornaments she wears to exalt her beauty; the same decors that made her a good wife: the bangles are broken, the necklace is crushed into pieces and the sindoor, the red dot on her forehead, is removed.
In a funny TV sketch advertising an indelible pen, the red dot won’t go away and the husband resuscitates.

The sindoor must be removed because the woman is now a widow.
The red color symbolizes the feminine energy, the shakti, and stands for passion and fertility. The husband applies it on his wife’s forehead during the wedding day, and every morning the woman draws it again. This is a rite she should never forget: the sindoor is symbol of respect and keeps the husband in good shape.
A woman without her red powder might bring bad luck to her husband and can be the cause of his death, or negative rumors. And still destiny can be harsh, and hindu women wearing the sindoor can become widow as well. But at least the honor of the husband will live forever.

Sindoor is a very ancient tradition. A symbol on the forehead appears on many old statuettes of Harappa, with a trace of existence found around 5000 years ago. However, the first historical proof was written in the Harsacharita, VII century a.D. This is the king Harsa’s biography, whom author Banadhatta was a court poet. Its popularity increased with time, and the sindoor was adopted by women of other religions as well. It is also a central point of many TV shows and movies.

There are many ways to prepare the powder. One of the most traditional recipe is the “turmeric sindoor”.
Take a turmeric root and let it exsiccate for some days in a dry place. Reduce the root into a fine powder and add some alum as glue. Add some lime juice (3-4 drops will be enough) and mix it thoroughly. The reddest it will be, the greater will be the love for your husband.
Apply every day.

Turmeric has many medical uses, especially for your skin. It is a natural antibacterial and keeps skin fungus away. If you apply it on your forehead, near your hair, the turmeric will keep your skin perfect and your mind open. Many researchers discourage the use of ready-made sindoor because it might contain toxic and polluting substances. But who wouldn’t take the risk, for love and sake of a beloved husband?


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