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24. Europalia.India, International Arts Festival

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This season Brussels introduces India to Europe with Eurpalia.India, an International Arts Festival. An epic effort to show a comprehensive India, to transcend common stereotypes, cultural and geographical distances and incredible organization hurdles.
To guide you in the heart of the pulsating Indian culture , you’ll find two main exhibitions, hundreds of events all over Belgium, concerts, dance performances, literature conferences, debates with authors and artists and, of course, movies.
India is not a monolithic Country: it’s a patchwork of civilizations, ideas, religions, customs, languages… always evolving. You may feel India is disorienting, as soon you start understand a little, you move a little further and the huge amount of new information and facts confuses you, makes you feel at a loss.
Europalia.India presents a rich variety of art forms, from the ancient past to date, with the intention to facilitate an open dialogue between India and Europe and to help the inquiring visitors to understand a little bit more of India.
The Festival goes on till 26 January 2014. Don’t miss it! Whatever brings you in Brussels, be it curiosity or passion, you will not be disappointed by the rich program of the event.


Indomania, from Rembrant to Beatles

The Exhibition, one of the main two of the Festival, shows India trough the artistic eye of many Westerners who travelled in the Country from XVI d.C to date. These foreign were sometimes charmed and open-minded, and other times they were driven by colonial prejudice and ignorance. What are the cultural and artistic consequences of these encounters? How is India perceived today? Are the old centuries depictions still crucial?

(MIniature of English Gentleman Smoking Huqqa, 1790) 


India as it was seen by French photographer Henry Cartier-Bresson, father of photo-journalism.
Indomania is a multimedia exhibition: India is described through painting, contemporary installations, architectures, cinema, music, literature and photography.


The Body in India Art.

Holy body, impure body, body as an object and body as cultural expression, with its values and aspirations that differ from age to age.
The second main exhibition is focused on the concept and representation of the Body in Indian ancient and contemporary Art and objects. The collection counts 300 pieces, coming from 56 different Museums in India. Here you will see objects that have never been exposed before, not even in India!

(Radha and Krishna - page from "Gita")


The Body is But Temporary. Death is a recurrent theme in Indian Art. In this image from a XVIII manuscript, death is depicted in a light and sarcastic way: demons are chatting while they inflict punishments to dead men. Death in India is perceived as a passage and can take the pure to the ultimate release from the cycle of death and births.


Mothers. A woman is giving birth helped by two maidens. Pregnant woman body is often a symbol of Fertility in India. As in the above wooden statue from the National Gallery, Delhi.


The Ideal Body. Surasundari, Apsara, Devangana, Rambha are some of the many names of the Beautiful Woman, one of the gems emerged from the Ocean of Milk. Sundari is the Ideal of beauty that bestows spiritual bliss. The auspicious Sundaris are carved on the temple walls to add grace to the Temple and its surrounding. There are 32 types of Sundaris, the one above is a Patraleka, the reading Lady (Chandela Art X d.C).


The Body in Ascetism. The small bronze statue above represents Manikkacavakar, a famous saint-poet from South India. Manikkacavakar was a Shiva follower. The statue is a Chola Bronze (X d.C).


The Ideal Body of God. Three-headed Shiva is a representation of the Triad creation-preservation-destruction, the three manifestations of Divine Power. At Shiva’s feet stands Nandin, the bull, Prithvi, the earth and a dwarf.(Punjab VII-VIII d.C) 


Give way to Women!

She-Taxi is a service for women who need to move safely at any time and an opportunity for other women who are ready to start a business.

A challenge called India

Sometime being bold in India it's the best way to get what you want, in some contexts softness is equal to weakness and creates problems...

Wisdom for sale

How much for a piece of wisdom? In this story from Gujarat, wisdom is worth its weight in gold. But what is the weight of wisdom, then?

The battle of Durga

Goddess Durga defeated the buffalo demon and saved the world from darkness, a panel in Cave Temple in Mamallapuram tells her story…

Do you speak Internet?

Internet success in India is bound to the knowledge of the local languages.

Thali, a taste of India

Thali is the Indian dish par excellence – Seeing someone eat it, you’ll better understand the customs of this country.

Torna Su