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40. Do you speak Internet?

A avarge Indian family in front of a open laptop

According to the data, Indian internet experts (Internet & Mobile Association of India and Boston Consulting Group) certify the increasing diffusion of the internet and they also forecast a far greater and faster expansion in the years to come: from 150 million users to 250 millions in the next five years.

The majority of the new users live in the rural areas and prefer to communicate in their mother tongue: at least, one of the many spoken in India. English native speaker in India represents the 0,02% of the population. Only the 5% of the Indians uses English for work, and the 27% of them speak 2 or 3 languages (one of those is usually English).

If you want to understand Indian web users, you must speak their native language. Knowing this, Google, Microsoft and Nokia sorted the thing out. Google is now available in in 9 different Indian languages, and Google transliteration labs allows the transcription of words in eleven different Indian alphabets.

Microsoft offers, a portal to compute in different Indian languages.

Nokia offers India the possibility to type short messages using the alphabet of choice.

At present, Yahoo! India presents services in seven different languages: English, Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and is aiming to reach more than 20 million users for each language.

To offer fresh contents, Yahoo! Works in association with local newspapers: Jagran for Hindi, Lokmat for Marathi, Dinamalar for Tamil and Anandabazar Patrika for Bengali). The choice to invest in local languages seems poor, but it’s winning them more and more users.

During an interview for Business Standard, India’s Google Director Vinay Goele certified that the diffusion of the internet in India is firmly tied to the availability of content in local languages. Through the diffusion of 3G, smartphones and tablets.

The digital world becomes local to grow even more global, transcending economic and linguistic boundaries!


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