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23. Desi animals

Two water bufaloes happy in green water, top right: Desi Animals

“Side!” “Move away! Hurry!” are some of the exclamations you might be able to hear in the streets, anywhere in India. And when you hear those yells, well: that’s the perfect timing for you to see, moving really close to you, some young cows playing hide-and-seek. Or maybe a worried Indian man running away from an angry bull.
Maybe a pig. Followed by a goat, which happens to be followed by a monkey. With a dog to end the trail. Well, you can never say that India is boring and be serious about that.
Animals are part of everyday life in India, both in the cities and in the rural areas. Both animals and men own the land, and the kind of animal you are looking at will tell you about the people who live in that specific place. If you see lot of goats, chickens and cats – you are in a Muslim district. If you see a lot of cow hanging around, you must be in a Hindu one.













Kingfisher and Funny goat by MaKay Savage; Camels by Micheal Cannon; dogs by Kartikeya Kaul; Elephants by Argenberg; Monkey and Pig by Travelwayoflife; Pig by Rajkumar; Parrots byPablo Nicolas

Creative Commons License

Horse cart andCat! byKamonBufaloes byLucasz Z

Creative Commons License


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