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54. Seven books on Delhi

A congested road in delhi and the text Books on delhi

Delhi it’s an interesting city to read, to explore and to live. It is more an idea than a geographical location for many Indians: the Capital, the center that decides which law they have to follow, which politicians they have to vote…
Delhi it’s usually the city where the tourists land, where they move the first steps in India.
Delhi is the Country: a megacity made of people coming from every State, full of tombs and monuments that tell the history of centuries of past glories, bazars where you can buy handicraft from all over India, eat any kind of food.

Yet not many writers choose Delhi as the set for their novels. Mumbai is trendier, more modern and it better satisfies the global hunger for books on India. Nevertheless there are good books on Delhi, many about its past, fewer on its present and future, some historical, others fictional.
Among the many here there are our favourites: seven books on Delhi to read in order to remember with a nostalgic lump in your throat, to get information in view of a future travel or simply out of love for reading.

Twilight in Delhi, Ahmed Ali
Ideal reader: who loves historical novels and wants to go back to the last moment of the Mughal Delhi.
Flavors: Memories of a culture and a way of life vanished with the coming of colonialism
Main spice: The book was published in 1940 and it is considered the first revolutionary novel of India.
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Delhi, a Novel, Kushwant Singh

Ideal reader: Unconventional reader who appreciates long novels written with wit and irony
Flavors: History told by the tales of the many characters, a spoon of eroticism
Main spice: Irrelevant magnum opus on the city of Delhi
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Delhi Noir, Hirsh Sawhney
Ideal reader: Who enjoys digging into the dark side of the world
Flavors: Noir, thriller and a pinch of argument about inequality and injustice in contemporary Delhi
Main spice: 14 stories of known and unknown writers, with pleasant discoveries
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City of Dijjins: a Year in Delhi, W.Dalrymple

Ideal reader: Do you like travel book that guide you through the charming past of Delhi and its monuments?
Flavors: history, memory and travelogue
Main spice: A classic, the most read book on Delhi
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The Last Mughal: The Fall, W.Darlymple

Ideal reader: Who had read City old Dijinns and fell in love with Mughals and Dalrymple
Flavors: Historical Novel and journey through monuments of Delhi
Main spice: Excellent account of the Indian Mutiny of 1857
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Delhi is not far, Ruskin Bond

Ideal reader: Those who think that the plot is not the most important ingredient in a book
Flavors: Amusing description of people and life in small Indian Town
Main spice: Delhi as a dream, an aspiration for better life
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The White Tiger, Aravind Adiga

Ideal reader: If you like provocation and read fiction about the darker corner of shying India, this is your book
Flavors: Sarcasm, irony, wit and unpredictable twists
Main spice: Not only Delhi…
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