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ItalyIndia design
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ItalyIndia design
ItalyIndia design
ItalyIndia design

ABOUT INDIA, an Italian viewpoint on India, specifically designed for travelers from all over the world

Availing itself of an online magazine with a cutting-edge design, Gruppo Zenit tells us about customs, lore and tradition of a distant country. Born from the daily cooperation with the Indian department, this magazine gives us the chance to understand each other.

There’s a country in the world where a next generation Tablet that costs 45 € coexists with a phantasmagorical database in which every man’s story is carved on palm leaves. This is the same country where the popularity of a musical video is established by the number of views on youtube, and a elephant’s success is revealed by the number of its nails.

This is India, the country this magazine is about. Gruppo Zenit is one of the very first Italian company of information technology, ranging from hardware to software, from online communication to social medias.

Gruppo Zenit cooperates with the technologically ground-breaking Indian subcontinent: in Trivandrum’s Technopark, Kerala, skilled Indian developers work side by side with Italian designers and project managers.

A day by day relationship, built on the willingness to understand each other. Gruppo Zenit greatly values professional and human ethics that portray our countries.

In no time this project embraced culture, history and customs of India.
This experience, growing every day, is at the basis of the magazine, a weblog put at service of those who want to know about this exotic place full of contradictions and development possibilities, where the past is always present.

The magazine is sorted by root categories:

  • CULTURE: Arts, tales and myths, history, books and recipes
  • TRAVEL: Destinations, monuments, hotels, travel tips
  • LIFE: Lifestyle, society, manners, traditions, festivals
  • WHAT’S UP: News, happenings, facts, oddities from India

These contents, almost daily updated and spread across the world through a facebook fanpage, are available for everyone thanks to the cutting-edge design of the website, technically called “adaptive�?. This means that photos and texts are easily displayed on every kind of computer (from desktops to notebooks, from smartphones to tablets – automatically adapting to different environments, Web Travel 2.0 included).

A choice made to break the usual schemes that allow us to organize contents in a more conceptual structure, and that makes this blog a next generation product.

Like it always happens to Gruppo Zenit’s projects, About India has deep conceptual roots: the constant growth of knowledge of herself India is experiencing these days is one of the pillars of his aggressive industrial and economical development, even thanks to the newest means of communication.

This is what Gruppo Zenit puts at its clients service every day.
Bon voyage with Italy-India, and... Namaste!