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56. People of India

against a whitish wall a group of smiling indian kids indicate the script: People of India
One out of five men living on earth is Indian- 1.2 billion people live in India. Not only they are many, they are also very different: Indian population is made up of people belonging to a multitude of communities, religions and ethnic groups.
Before the endogamy system became a norm the different genes of ancestral people coming from outside (mainly Indo-aryan and Dravidian, based on the language they were speaking) mixed together to form the modern day population.

Today two thousand ethnic groups, in different geographical areas and 4635 communities live in India. To this add the costume trends imported from outside (in past and very strongly in this age of globalization) and you can imagine how colorful is the human range you can see on the Indian roads.

In India I get so used to see people with different costumes, colors and looks that every time I go back home the uniformity of Italian people strikes me and I miss the diversity.
More than the colorful dresses, different skin tones, flowers in the hair, turbans, earrings, necklaces, anklets, mustaches, sari….I miss the very same gazing eyes that in India at times seem too odd and the generous smiles. The smile that lights the face and from South to North, East to West says “welcome!”


Usually Indians love to pose for your photo, as these nice kids from Tamil Nadu.


Tribal women are taking a break from their field work in Odisha. The State is rich of natural resource  as well of tribes and colorful people.


Cap and red beard reveal the religion of the man in the photo: a Muslim gentleman from Mumbai.


Colors, dress, earrings, necklace…the lady in the photo comes from Gujarat, a State famous for textile, handicraft and recently for fast development. Narendra Modi, new Prime Minister of India and Gandhi are from  Gujarat.


Orange is the color of holy man in India. This man with beautiful eyes filled with joy lives in a temple in Gujarat.


Rajasthan, where the lady of the photo lives, is a land of pride people, good looking and with a special taste for decoration. From the ornaments and the print of the dress you can guess to which region and community Rajasthan people belong.


Broad red veil, orange blouse and ample skirt –dress code similar to gipsy people living in Europe. Rom and Rajasthan people have more than a thing in common, even maybe their ancestors.


The mother and daughter in the photos live in Himachal Pradesh. Color of the eyes, face shape and dress are typical of mountain village in this North State.


Our people of India gallery ends in Kashmir, with this charming girl-daughter of the mountain. From South to North genes change, costumes differ…but kids are always wonderful.



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