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4. Book your Bus on the Net

Un giovane uomo lavora a un portatile mentre un autobus indiano passa dietro di lui

Thanks to information technology, traveling in India has become a lot easier than it used to be. Of course, computer can’t solve everything, and some nasty kilometers on a dusty, congested and uneven Indian road can still look like a nightmare for someone.
┬áLuckily, today you can book your travels at your place, directly in front of a computer. You just need IC and a little knowledge. And don’t even think this is nothing special! The lack of bypasses and the constantly increasing number of people in the country can make an adventure out of a simple trip to visit your grandmother in a city nearby.
You could have booked a bus ticket since 2000, the year of the boom, but you had to physically move from a society to another and look for stops and receive the ticket. These, however, are things of the past. With the internet, you can check your bus with a click, compare prices, read feedbacks and choose your means of transportation. The system works fine and operators can manage passengers better than before, avoiding economic loss and investing gains to improve the infrastructures. Road networks are getting better and the number of high-quality autobus is increasing (During the last year, Volvo sold 800 busses and is planning to sell 5,000 more within the 2015).
Internet is the perfect solution if you have to travel.
How? Connect to one of the websites providing the above services, choose your departure city and your destination, the day and wait for possible solutions. After this, you just have to choose your bus type (Air Conditioning, seats, semi-sleepers or sleepers - this bus is perfect for long trips, if you don’t suffer carsickness). Now you have to check the bus availability and select your place. The hardest part is the payment: at the moment only Makemytrip is accepting foreign credit cards. But if you’re in India you can contact a travel agent (there’s plenty in the big cities) or buy via the net with a cash on delivery method of payment.
If you have an Indian mobile, you don’t even have to print your ticket. The code you’ll receive via short message will be enough!

The concept behind this online bus-booking service comes from two 25-years-old Indian engineers, Phanindra Sama and Charan Padmaraju. In 2006 they left their well-paid job to throw themselves into a keen entrepreneurial adventure: REDBUS. Of course this wasn’t easy as it sounds and luck played her role, but the two boys figured out the becoming needs of the population and found a simple solution involving all the bus operators possible. Now they sell their cutting-edge software to manage online bookings, BOSS. Moreover, they made themselves a good marketing campaign with only a few money. In only nine months, they hired 50 people. Now they’re 4,000 public transport operators and they cover all the 4,500 segments of the bus network.
More companies came after them, providing similar services: beside Makemytrip, remember Via, Abhibus, TicketGoose, TravelYaari, Simplybus.
Fast and simple, for a comfortable India-on-the-Road experience!


From Laptop Man by Ed Yourdon and India:sights and culture by McKay Savage

Creative Commons License


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