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55. VISA god

Chilkur Balaji, VISA god

“I want to go abroad!” thousands of Indian youngsters share this wish. Many have a good education and opportunities to get a job in US or any other Country…but to fulfill their dream and fly high in the sky on board of an aircraft with a heart stuffed with hope, they need a VISA stamped on passport. Not so easy to get, VISA is a dark horse.
In Hyderabad  (A.P), in Chilkur Temple there is a God who takes care of Visa tensions and issues. Indeed Balaji God accepts the offers of his devotees and helps to go abroad, granting the most wanted VISA -or at least this is what hundreds of daily visitors believe.
All you have to do is a 11 rounds pradakshina, circumambulation of the temple and be ready to come back once your VISA is issued to complete other 108 rounds –printed slips are at your disposal at the entrance to help you in keeping the count.

Balaji God, a manifestation of Vishnu, started his new specialization almost fifteen years back, through his minister Gopala Krishna. Long back, the temple was not very popular and few devotees were entering its gate, but today it attracts almost 4000 people every day, 100,000 per week.
In India is common to pray different Gods to make different kind of request and get help. There are temples visited to get a good husband, to solve infertility issue, to get better health… It’s not so surprising than if there is now a temple specialized in VISA.


People have started to reach in the temple in 1999. That year Gopala Krishna took charge of the management of the holy place after his father retired. In those year Chennai was developing as an important IT centre, second to Bangalore. In few years the number of applications for US VISA multiplied, but the number of VISAs issued remained the same, year after year. Competition became high as much as uncertainty. Gopala Krishna noticed the new Engineering Colleges that opened nearby, the increase number of students walking in front of the temple. He meditated and got the idea to rename Balaji as Visa Balaji –in accordance with the generous nature of the god always ready to help devotees that ask with pure heart and good intention.
In a short time Chilkur Temple –alias VISA Temple- was extremely popular. What’s the use of questing history and name? The number of people coming back to do the 108 pradakshinas is enough to convince many to offer a pray here.


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