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36. A New Year's Eve in India

Illustration: Ney Year In India
December is a month full of festivals that announces the end of the year. If you are going to be in India around the 31st December and you don’t know how will you celebrate, read below! We selected for you 5 beautiful destinations to celebrate the New Year’s Eve, both in a traditional or in a more “western” fashion!


Let’s go Party!

For those who love the New Year’s Eve dinner, dances and music and for those who would love to feel a little at home during the New Year’s Eve frenzy, the destinations of choice are the great metropolis or Goa.
Keep an eye on this website to stay tuned on the most interesting and renowned events in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and the other metropolis of India. Goa is the land of fun: you can choose between beach parties, amazing parties in luxury hotels or in many local bars. The weather, the fun-loving atmosphere and the low-cost alcoholics lure many tourists in this period of the year. Decide carefully and book!
During winter (from half December to February) there might be fog, so be sure to wear warm clothes!


Kochi Carnival

Looking for a party with the colors of tradition? Fort Kochi, in Kerala, will charm you with his famous carnival!
The event lasts for the last week of December, but the most important one is the first day of the year: allegorical floats and masquerades from different clubs parades in the streets of Fort Kochi, running for the final prize.
Each allegorical float has a theme that can be historical or satirical.
All around the city you can enjoy many classical arts performances: Kathakali, the kalaripayattu martial arts and traditional dances.
On the last evening of the year the greatest part of the festival is celebrated outdoors, in Veli Ground, under a huge tree full of lights. On the shores of Fort Kochi, at midnight, a big puppet representing Bappo Natale will be burn. Everyone dances around the bonfire, but be sure to avoid this part if you don’t want to find yourself alone in the middle of a very crowded celebration, especially if you’re a woman.


Full-immersion into Performing Arts

If you think you had enough of the festivals about the New Year’s Eve and if you think you should use your trip in India to discover something about yourself and your body, you should explore the spirit and the traditions of Indian performing arts.
In West Bengal, not far from Shantiniketan, in the university of Tagore, the Milòn Mèla will offer you the possibility to attend lessons with the Masters of different disciplines: the mystical musicians of Baul, the Chhau (Jarkhand) and Gotipua (Orissa) dancers, the kalaripayattu martial artists, contemporary theater actors and yoga’s teachers.
The laboratories starts on the 20 of December and ends on January 14 in Theatre House, a research center founded in 1990 by Biswash Ambani, beside the forest of a vast and fascinating rural area.
To participate you don’t need any artistic preparation, but be aware! There will be plenty of physical activity.


Social New Year’s Eve

Why don’t you use your trip to get in touch with the great wide humanity? For those who feel the need to see with their own eyes the deeds of all the social organizations that aid people, we suggest to take a visit to Tilonia, in Rajasthan.
Tilona is part of the educational project “Barefoot College”. There, you can promenade in the rural areas to see how does the solar energy system works, or the one to gather and purify waters that brought drinking water and electricity where there were none.
Or maybe you can observe women crafting wonderful pieces (that you can buy in the center or online) or attend educational programs.
Tell them you are coming before you arrive. If you wish to stay for more than one day, you can rest in the guest house of the campus – max 20 people.


Yoga and Meditation for a better future!

The most spiritual people might want to take a visit to Rishikesh, ideal destination to take a distance from the society and immerse yourself into yoga. Here, you will be lead by many ashram gurus. Surrounded by people like you, you will meet interesting way of seeing the world and share your experiences.

In December the weather is cold, and if you don’t like low temperatures you should try Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu instead.
The city was built near a hill. Legend has it that this hill is the God Shiva. Here, in fact, was raised a huge temple that is also a holy destination. The path that leads to the hill, crowded with gurus and devotees, is sprinkled with little temples and meditation centers.
The most fascinating, however, remains Sri Ramanashram, the ashram of Ramana Maharishi, spiritual guru that reached enlightenment in a nearby grotto, and spent the rest of his life sharing his knowledge.
In the hall of meditation inside the ashram everyone is welcome, and there you will feel like part of a great, universal family. Atmosphere is relaxing and cosmopolitan.
Two perfect places for meditation? The Ramandana Grotto and the hill, especially on sunset where the sun is red and colors the temple with his gentle touch.

 Crediti Immagini

Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.


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