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22. Kerala Tea plantation in photos

Indian women car cutting tea leaves in bright green plantation
In ancient times, a cup of tea was an extreme luxury. To ensure at least one – at 5 PM – Englishmen traveled to China and, when China became hostile, took the seeds with them and tried to breed tea in India. The first harvest was a complete failure: English botanists were not capable to find a proper soil.
This places, however, were rich with a particular local tea plant, and soon forests were destroyed to leave room for endless plantations of the tea that Indian people enthusiastically drink and export even today.
Kerala’s biggest tea plantations are located in Munnar and Wayanad (2.700 m). You may spend a couple of day walking through tea plantations, breathing their exquisite scent along with fresh air. Bring a nice cup with you and promenade across spellbound landscapes. Afternoon’s mist magnify plant’s green and the black of rocks, creating a delicious contrast against a turquoise sky. Along the sweet slopes of the hills, you’ll see little and colorful women walking along the ochre paths.
Munnar’s special is green tea, oolong and black tea – depending on the kind of treatment and fermentation they undergo (visit Tata Tea Museum or one of the local plantations with a guide). You can visit plantations all year long, but the harvests occur between April and June, and between September and November.
Have a nice tea break!









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