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13. Eat, Pray, Love… Travel?

A couple of Indians with images of different turistic places in the word

Did you notice?
The world is gradually filling with this new kind of Indian globetrotter: equipped with flash camera and brand new guidebook, spreading across the world to enjoy himself in traveling.

Indian people are natural born travelers: since forever they cross their homeland far and wide to visit their sacred destinations and travel back to the “house” of their ancestors. It is said that those trips were the glue that pasted India together, melting customs and cultures in a whole, single population.
At present they travel to pray, eat, discover and, most likely, enjoy themselves.

Thanks to the recent economical growth, India experienced the rising of  middle-class who are capable to afford commodities, and now 862 million Indians (14 times more than the population of Italy) are willing to leave their comfortable home to go on a trip.
Makeshift luggage all patched up with strings, stuffed with food and belongings, huge families waving at their beloved in front of a smoky train; these are things of the past.
Even considering this economic boom, massive inbound tourism to sacred destinations is carried on at a low budget, with trains to be booked with months of advance and busses that become bedrooms and kitchens at times.
Niche tourism wants quality and comfort at a proper price: and on 1.3 billion people, even a minority is consistent.
Indian tourism Department eventually realized the hidden potential of the internal market (2002) and started building hospitality infrastructures, organizing India-oriented holiday packages and investing in advertisement campaigns.
These politics gave birth to a fast-evolving, high-growth inbound travel industry: from the 269 million Indian tourists in 2002, to 850 million in 2012. (against 19,50 foreigners)

But where do Indian tourists go, when they are abroad on a trip? According to a poll report of Market Publisher, India is the fastest growing outbound market in the world. There follows a list of the ten “most wanted” place worldwide they visit: Singapore, Thailand, United States, Malaysia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Switzerland, and Canada. Asians destination are preferred due to their vicinity and cost effectiveness.

According to, Indian globetrotters are also big spenders: stated the average price paid per room when travelling abroad for Indians rises up to 95¤, which is more than travelers from France (93¤) and Germany (91¤).

Some countries have already started exploring India’s market potential by opening tourist offices in the most important cities, granting tourist visas more easily, as well as inviting Indian movie production companies to film their movies in their countries.
Of course not all Indians can afford lavish holidays: many of them choose to travel for study or work, or just for the sake of it.
However intrepid Indian globetrotters enjoy themselves with fine restaurants, quality wines and dandyish hotels. Touch-and-go trips with strict timetables are less likely to be booked, with personalized trip planning preferred over them.
Italy is a destination for those Indian travelers in search of fine cookery, custom and an unmatched world heritage: according to a Bank of Italy’s research, in 2011, 210.000 Indian travelers in Italy spent around 280 million euros.
To help them enjoy the Bel Paese, Lonely Planet recently published a travel book especially for Indian globetrotters (“Italy, for Indian travelers”). Are we going to see a travel guide for Italian tourists in India? Probably not, and that’s sad!


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