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30. A new Adventure in Music

EVC enchanting valley carival 6-7-8 December 2013

There is also another India, away from the traditional one. An India of youngsters that seek entertainment and fun, movies and indoor activities are simply not enough to satisfy them. A golden opportunity is coming for them on 6th-7th-8th December: the first Enchanted Valley Carnival, in Aamby Valley City, not very far from Pune.

The dance music extravaganza offers an adventure in Music. 60 artists from all over the world, 65 acts and four stages are ready to create a huge buzz.

But it’s not only music and dance.To accommodate everyone a big camping ground has been set up. You don’t have to bring tend and sleeping bag, the organization provides all you need, on rent. 

During the three days event boating on speed boat, pontoon, banana and paddle boats are available. As well as activities like jungle safari, rock climbing…in a crescendo of adrenaline up to zorbing, ATV riding, rappelling, ziplining and reverse bungee jumping.
Less adventurous people can wait the evening performances strolling among flea markets and the multiethnic food stalls… drinking an Indian or imported cool drink.

The music is the lead of the carnival. Indian talents – Dualist Inquiry, Shaaír + Func, Anish Sood, Arjun Vagale, B.L.O.T , Kohra to name a few- will perform on the same platform of big-ticked international names like ATB, Martin Garrix and Chicane (full list of artist in on the website).

Intriguing Festival for disco-dancers, DJs' fans, music lovers… And people willing to see a younger-globalized face of India. And also for foreigners fully charged with moving energy that need to be let off, since the cities in India through which they travel or live, dancing opportunity is not really at hand.


EVC -Enchanted Valley Carnival
6-7-8 December 2013
Aamby Valley City, Festival arena 


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