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26. Romantic India

un ragazzo e una ragazza si affacciano su un lago, dove c'è una housebout. sotto la scritta: dove dire ti amo
Five romantic destinations to make your heart beat at the rhythm of your lover’s!
Golden sunsets on fairytale monuments or spellbound natural landscapes: a place that secludes you from the rest of the world to spend some quality time with your beloved.
Before starting, please note that passionate displays of affection are not welcome in India: walking hand in hand or arm in arm is tolerated, and kissing on cheeks as well. Nothing more.
On the other hand, if you want to celebrate an anniversary, ask your hotel staff: Indian people are hopeless romantic and will be enthusiastically glad to help. Asking a bouquet of roses to surprise your beloved, you might find your bed scattered with fragrant petals, an heart-shaped cake on the table, candles and a loveletter with a poem. You just have to put your sign on it.


Vembanad Lake and Backwater (Kerala)
A wooden boat adapted to a houseboat becomes a love nest that gently floats on the still waters of lake Vembanad, or across the channels of Backwater. Ideal first destination for a stress-relieving couple of days. Dive into the nature’s beauty and get in touch with your inner self by meditating amidst floating lotus and flocks of migrant birds. You can sleep on the boat, eat just fished shrimps by candlelight and watch the dawn, or you can opt for lavish resorts on the ground, built with the specific mission to halt time and make you relax. 


Arcipelago delle Andamane
A group of archipelagic islands to feel like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Unspoiled islands where you can explore the barrier reef or choose to rest on a “talcum-powder” like beach and lay in the sun. This islands make your wishes come true: 572 pristine islands with majestic shores and a unique biodiversity. Recently opened to the public – you need a special pass to enter – Andaman are ideal places to keep yourself out of massive tourism. Starry heavens and candlelight will make your dinners unforgettable.
Havelock is well-equipped for tourists, and you can find one of the most beautiful Asian seashore (Radhanagar Beach) as well as resorts full of amenities


Ooty (Tamil Nadu)

Imagine a wooden little train painted in blue and creamy shades that puffs clouds of silver steam; make it cross dreamlike suspension bridges above tea plantations and forests. Isn’t it romantic?
The steam engine of Ooty’s Toy Train have been replaced with a diesel, but the route and the old-fashioned coaches are still the same (see the video). The train, bookable on the internet, leaves everyday at 7:10 AM from Metualayam, and arrives at midday in Ooty, the Queen of Blue Mountains and one of the favorite destinations for Indian honeymoons. Flowers all year long, sweet mountains with velvet green grasslands and fresh air attract a lot of tourists. Botanical Garden surprises with its variety of flowers and plants. If you’re not really into massive Indian tourism, the best season to visit Ooty is May, when the valley quietly slumbers.


Orchha (Madhya Pradesh)
Once the capital of rajput Bundela, Orchha (the hidden place) has an idyllic fort laved by the waters of Betwa river. You’ll find there a peaceful oasis far from mass tourism. This place doesn’t speak of love, but will grant you some peaceful isolation under the shades of oriental buildings clearly outlined against a dreamlike landscape, of majestic stony temples blessed by gods and cenotaphs placed along the river.
Have your breakfast in a palace built for Jahangir, where you can also accommodate yourself. Enjoy promenades along those green fields and don’t miss the opportunity to visit the fort and prince Hardol’s palace.
Around 180 km far from there, you can also visit Khajuraho temples. Sacred and profane love will travel along with you.


Taj Mahal- Agra (Uttar Pradesh)
Taj-Mahal is the symbol of love par excellence. You just can’t exclude it from a list of romantic destinations in India. The monument celebrates the perfect love between the emperor Shah Jahan and his wife, Mumtaz Mahal, “the chosen one of the palace”. It was one of the most intense love story of the entire history. Love at first sight, transformed into a steady relationship that lasted until the disappearance of Mumtaz. She died delivering her fourteenth child while she was following her husband on a military operation. Shah Jahan’s desperation found relief during the planning of the immense mausoleum especially for her: it took thousands of artisans and 22 years of work to create this mughal masterpiece.
For you, Taj Mahal will be love at first glance.
Looking for something better? Wake up early in the morning and wait there for the sun to rise. When the mist will lift on the opposite side of the Taj, the mausoleum will reveal itself in its white-marbled, sun-drenched magnificence. A delight for your eyes and for your hearts.


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