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47. Lakes of India

the text The lakes of India on a water surface
India is enchanting in its diversity –both of cultures and landscapes. Between the highest mountains and the wild beaches, between metropolis and small centers of pilgrimage and art there are the lakes. Beautiful destinations for fishing, boating, bird watching or simply relaxing after days of hectic tours.
Below there are our five favorite lakes, band the reasons we love them.


Dal Lake (Kashmir)
Dal Lake is one of the most famous and beautiful lakes in India. Majestic Himalayan mountains surround it and the enchanting Srinagar city over looks the water.
Life of people and animals flows with the rhythm of the lake, lotus flowers float on the surface enhancing the natural beauty. Fishermen cross the water in tiny row boats while the houseboats are a dream like experience. The Moghul gardens on the banks are rich of any variety of flowers, while an ancient Shiva temple (built by Raja Gopadathya in 371 d.C) attracts pilgrims and travelers interested in culture.
If you look for adventure here you can surf, water skiing or kayaking.

Best season: from April to October


Nainital (Uttarakhand)
Once upon a time there was a secret lake, surrounded by deep forest in the Himalayan Valley. Its water were green as the eyes (naina) of the goddess Sita that fell on earth and created the basin.
Local people were very proud of the lake and did whatever they could to keep the secret. But one day a cunning English gentleman, Mr. P. Barron, explored the forest and discovered the lake. Immediately he realize the touristic potentiality of the place. It was not easy , but the smart gentleman could at last build his first hotel- Pilgrim Lodge is still there. In few years the small town became a popular English hill station.
Today it’s a very popular destination for Indians escaping from the hot plain. Yet Nainital offers peace and scenic views of the Himalaya- it’s enough to walk away from the mass and serenity is at hand.

Best season: from March to November


Pichola Lake (Rajasthan)
Do you feel romantic? The Lake Pichola in Udaipur is the idea place for you. In the desert land of Rajasthan Maharaja and Maharani were keen to gift pool of fresh water to their people, to provide drinking water, refreshment and leisure. Lake Pichola is such an artificial lake created by Pichhu Banjara during the reign of Maharana Lakha in 1862.
In the middle of the lake there is the Lake Palace Hotel, once a summer palace for the king and today one of the best luxory hotel in India.
You don’t have to sit at the arch windows of the palace to appreciate Pichola Lake, from its banks it’s nice to see the life happening around it, admire the rajasthani architetture and contemplate the hills on the background.

Best season: from October to March


Chilka Lake (Orissa)
More south one of the most important lake is Chilka Lake. Important especially for the many variety of animals and birds that stop there during their migration or have their permanent abode there.
The lake is a vast salty lagoon, dotted with islands. The Chilka Wildlife Sanctuary is a paradise for bird watchers, infact you can see more then 150 species. And water flowers are not less numerous -170 varieties.
If you are very lucky you will see a rare Irrawaddy doulphinthe population is increasing lately thanks to the effort of the Sanctuary .
Nature is wonderful, but don’t miss a trip to Puri (40 km), a temple city that attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over India and Konarak with the spectacular Sun temple.

Best season: from November to February


Vembanad Lake (Kerala)
In the extreme south Vembanda Lake is spellbound. Difficult to imagine a more peaceful and relaxing place, animated by birds, floating flower and slow pace life of men working in the paddy fields.
Vembanad is a huge sweet water lake, rich of canals known as backwater (back from the sea water).
Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, on the east bank, is a treasure for birdwatchers.
Else you can simply relax in a Houseboat, at lunch time fresh fish will be cooked for you and at night time with the moon the water become silver.

Best season: from September to May

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